Infos courir à Fabrègues 27 avril 2023

Nos adhérents ont été performants lors de leur participation à différentes courses ces dernières semaines : Sur l’Infinity Trail Hossegor Gérard FABRE a réussi à faire 17 boucles (donc 17 heures) soit 114 kms parcourus. A noter qu’une de ses filles l’a accompagné jusqu’au bout et l’autre sur 12 boucles soit 80 kms. La relève […]

Using AI to Power Your Ecommerce App Blog

Shorten Your Ecommerce Path To Purchase With A Chatbot It urges chatbots vendors outside of China to emulate this framework to drive further chatbot adoption by offering services, including payment capabilities, social media and rich media. This growth of 169% will be driven by the increasing adoption of omnichannel retail strategies by e-commerce players and […]

What Is a White Label Payment Gateway and How Does It Work?

Payment gateways raise your income and brand value by increasing sales, lowering cart abandonment, and increasing consumer trust due to all of these factors. Now that you are informed about how to set up a white-label gateway let’s look at its main advantages. Before utilizing the system, your team needs to undergo training to understand […]